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The United States Parachute Association’s (USPA) Accelerated Freefall Program advances students through eight categories of proficiency (A to H) and the completion of 25 skydives to qualify them for their USPA “A” license. As a variation of this discipline, the Advanced Freefall Program is a structured skydiving course that has been continuously developed since 1984 by Skydive Chicago™. Skydive Moab believes that this is the best program, and so we’ve asked Skydive Chicago, the inventor of the AFP program, if we could use it. It is the most progressive and complete instructional program in the world. Although there are different training programs being used around the world, AFP instructs where other programs end short. AFP has inspired USPA’s requirements for self-supervision thus producing more competent and confident skydiving students. AFP graduates have excelled in all aspects of the sport.

Get Certified to skydive in Moab

Before AFP, the student completes the objectives of the Tandem Progression. These jumps introduce flight planning, freefall body positions, dive flow, altitude awareness, heading awareness, deployment procedures, and canopy flight skills. The AFP Transition class begins the solo freefall information in a detailed 6-hour class.

In the transition class one is taught solo freefall emergency procedures, hand signals, Golden Rules #1, 2, 3,and 4, exit and freefall techniques, high performance canopy flight and landing skills. The first AFP jump is designed similar dive flow to the initial tandem jump.

AFP allows students to progress at their own rate in a supportive rather than stressful curriculum. This style of teaching caters to students of all ability levels by providing individualized attention. The AFP supervised environment enables each student to demonstrate sufficient and competent skills for equipment inspection, freefall, canopy flight and packing throughout the 18 level program.

To maximize each jump we include video to aid in learning. Skydive Moab is the only center to offer this at no additional costs! You will leave each day with a copy of the days jumps.

Initially you jump with your instructors flying alongside you, teaching you whilst in freefall. The first seven levels of our AFP program require you to jump with instructors, after you have completed these seven levels you can be jumping solo!

Because you are responsible for deploying and flying your own parachute there is much more that you need to know! Before making your first skydive you need to attend the AFF first jump course class which is a 6 to 8 hour class which prepares you for your first AFP skydive. Provided you stay current each subsequent jump requires only a short period of review training and a briefing for your next skydive.

As you work towards your A license, you will learn advanced techniques like:

Controlled turns in freefall
Forward and backward motion
Tracking through the sky
Adjusting fall rate
Group exits
Flying your parachute with precision and accuracy
And much more!

Our instructors have been specially trained to teach you in the air, so you are actually learning in freefall! We also offer a professionally edited video of your AFF skydive, complete with music and still pictures.

Most of the world’s great skydivers learned through the Accelerated Free Fall method, and once you have completed the course you are well on your way to becoming a master skydiver!

Get Certified to skydive in Moab

To make an AFP skydive you must be over 18 years of age, because AFP is more physically and mentally demanding than a tandem we require potential AFP students to be in good physical shape. Currently we have AFP equipment suitable for students weighing 200 pounds or less.

AFP students in particular should note that skydiving is a weather dependent sport, the USPA issues guide lines for wind limits for solo and AFP student jumping which are lower than for experienced skydivers and tandem skydivers.

Unsure if AFP is for you? Please call us at 435-259-JUMP (5867) to discuss our AFP program with an instructor or staff member.


Level Pre-pay Price Pay as you go
IAD 1 (FJC and first jump) 3,500 $200 $250
IAD 2 4,000 $100 $115
IAD 3 4,000 $100 $115
IAD 4 4,000 $100 $115
IAD 5 5,000 $100 $115
AFF 6 Freefall and heading $175 $200
AFF 7 Forward movement $175 $200
AFF 8 360°Turns and forward move $175 $200
AFF 9 Flips, rolls, and tracking $175 $200
AFF 10 Flips, tracking, 360°turns $175 $200
11 Self-supervised Work on weaknesses $53 $53
12 Self-supervised Work on weaknesses $53 $53
13 Self-supervised Work on weaknesses $53 $53
14 Self-supervised Work on weaknesses $53 $53
15 Self-supervised Work on weaknesses $53 $53
16 Self-supervised Work on weaknesses $106 $106
17 Self-supervised Work on weaknesses $106 $106
18 Self-supervised Work on weaknesses $53 $53
19 Self-supervised Work on weaknesses $53 $53
20 Self-supervised Work on weaknesses $53 $53
21 Self-supervised Work on weaknesses $53 $53
22 Self-supervised Work on weaknesses $53 $53
23 Self-supervised Work on weaknesses $53 $53
24 Coach Jump Pre-check dive $106 $106
25 A-license Check Dive $175 $200
Total Cost $2,551 $2,811