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MOAB Boogie


The Mother Of All Boogies began in 2004 when Bryan Burke of Skydive Arizona approached a fledgling dropzone owner, Clint MacBeth, about putting on a boogie in beautiful Moab. Clint had travelled to Moab for the incredible BASE jumping and saw that it was the perfect area to open a DZ. The dropzone had been open for less than a year when Bryan put the idea before Clint that the area was perfect for a very unique boogie. The idea was that together they would develop a boogie unlike any other boogie before. Moab is such an extreme location offering so many outdoor recreation opportunities to include hiking, mountain biking, rappelling, climbing, white water rafting, off road and 4×4 driving, and so much more. They wanted to develop a boogie that combined the best Moab has to offer with our incredible sport of skydiving. Imagine skydiving into a canyon and then being able to white water raft out of the canyon?! Or, jump into a canyon and take a 4×4 scenic tour out. The possibilities are endless!

Now, after 14 successful years, we have decided to go back to our roots! This year, the offerings will be better than ever. As the boogie, and the dropzone itself, have evolved we have learned lessons and grown with the support of the skydivers that come out each year. Now, for the 16th Annual M.O.A.B, the Skydive Moab team will be working year round to secure new off-site skydives and develop packages that make the boogie simply irresistible! We will update this website as new offerings are made available. Our goal is to create a boogie unlike anything you have ever been to before! Anyone can jump out of an Otter at almost any dropzone. But, can you jump out of an Otter into a 5 star resort nestled in the canyons along the Colorado River and then enjoy a sunset dinner on the river??? Only at the Mother Of All Boogies is this absolutely possible!

AND… if you have an idea that would make the boogie even better…. contact us! We love your feedback and suggestions! It is from you, the skydivers, that we get our ideas and are able to make the boogie even better, year after year.

Schedule Of Events:

WEDNESDAY, September 18th

  • 12 pm- Registration opens $45 registration on site $35 preregistration
  • All day- PAC jumps to 13,000 AGL on-site. This is a good time to jump and familiarize yourself with our dropzone and adjust to skydiving at a higher elevation (4,500). We will also have 3 CESSNA’s if we need them, 10 people required to send a PAC load.
  • Camping at Blue Hills Road- Make a right out of the airport and turn right 1 mile down onto Blue Hills Road.  Campground is located on the right hand side. Follow the signs for “Event Camping”.

THURSDAY, September 19th

  • 8 am- Registration / Manifest opens
  • All day- PAC jumps to 13,000 AGL on-site
  • 11 am- TWIN OTTER ARRIVES! (We will have a Twin Otter from Skydive Arizona! Confirmed!)
  • ​Evening –  Sorrel River Ranch load(s)
  • 8 pm- INVADE THE MOAB BREWERY! For those that arrive and register before Thursday evening, you will receive a coupon for FREE chicken wings at the Moab Brewery, bar area only.  (What self-respecting skydiver would turn down free wings and amazing locally brewed beer?!)
  • Camping at Blue Hills Road- Make a right out of the airport and turn right 1 mile down onto Blue Hills Road.  Campground is located on the right hand side. Follow the signs for “Event Camping”.

FRIDAY, September 20th

  • 8 am- Registration / Manifest opens.
  • All Day-PAC and TWIN OTTER jumps to 13,000 AGL on-site.
  • All Day- OFF SITE skydives into Mineral Bottom Canyon and Gemini Bridges begin. Must have a C or D license, no exceptions (see the “Off-site Skydives” tab for more information)
  • Evening –  Sorrel River Ranch load(s)
  • 8 pm- FREE  DINNER
  • Camping at Blue Hills Road

SATURDAY, September 21st

  • 8 am- Registration / Manifest opens.
  • All Day-PAC and TWIN OTTER jumps to 13,000 AGL on-site.
  • All Day- OFF SITE skydives into Mineral Bottom Canyon, Gemini Bridges, and Sorrel River Ranch
  • ​All Day – Masseuse on-site* Pending
  • SUN SET LOADS into the campground to start the party, B license Requirement.
  • 9 pm- PARTY AT THE CAMPGROUND!!!! Raffle prizes will be drawn as well!

SUNDAY, September 22nd

  • 8 am- Registration / Manifest opens.
  • All Day-PAC and TWIN OTTER jumps to 13,000 AGL on-site.
  • All Day- OFF SITE skydives into Mineral Bottom Canyon, Gemini Bridges, and Sorrel River Ranch
  • Sunset- Otter departs for Arizona while we reflect on another epic boogie and then collapse from exhaustion!

** Schedule subject to change as weather permits for offsite jumps

** There is potential for a Skyvan depending on registered participants… pre-register to make this happen!!

Offsite Skydives

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST have a current C or D license to participate in the off-site skydives.

*Being C license qualified, but not actually having one from the USPA, does not count. Due to insurance requirements we must be able to make a copy of your USPA membership card with your C or D license on it.  No exceptions.



Aircraft: Twin Otter
License required: C or D

Description of jump: Otter loads will take off from the airport for a skydive into Sorrel River Ranch. This is a 5 star resort located on the Colorado River. Once you land you will be able to take a tour of the property and have dinner and/or drinks on their river patio.  If you plan to stay for dinner you will need to arrange your own transportation back to the airport. Otherwise, a shuttle bus will pick you up 1 hour after you land and bring you back to the airport. We are in the process of having Sorrel approve us for unlimited skydives into their property so everyone who meets the license requirements will be able to jump into there!


Aircraft: Cessna 182
License required: C or D

Description of jump: This off-site skydive is 2 jumps! The Cessna will depart from the airport and drop you into Mineral Bottom canyon. The views are amazing and the landing area is right alongside the Colorado River. The Cessna will then land on a dirt runway next to the landing area to pick you up and drop you back into the airport for the second skydive.


Aircraft: Cessna 182
License required: D license ONLY

Description of jump: The Cessna will depart from the airport and drop you into Gemini Bridges. The landing area in on top of a mesa giving you stunning views of the canyons around!  You will pack on the site and return via truck.


Do I need a license to jump at the boogie?
YES! You will need to have a valid and current USPA license card with at least an A license to jump at the boogie.  We do not allow any student skydives during the boogie for safety. There are USPA equivalent licenses issued in other countries. Contact us to see if your foreign license will qualify you to jump at the boogie.

How much are jump tickets? Are they refundable if I am not able to use all of what I purchase?
Tickets will be $27 this year. Boogie tickets are non-refundable however you can always use them at our dropzone throughout the year or for a future boogie.

What forms of payment do you accept?
At the boogie you will be able to purchase tickets with cash, Visa, Mastercard or the blood of a virgin. **We do not accept American Express or personal checks.

What aircraft will be at the boogie?
– 2 Twin Otters (for on-site and off-site skydives)

– 3 Cessna 182’s (for remote off-site skydives)

What is the field elevation of the dropzone?
The dropzone is 4,500 feet above sea level.

Do I have to have a USPA membership to jump at the boogie?
Yes. The airport board has made it a requirement that every skydiver have a USPA (or foreign equivalent) membership in order to jump at Canyonlands Field. In addition, it is a requirement for all off-site skydives as well.

My USPA membership is expired. Can I renew it there?
No. It’s a boogie with a busy registration area and it is not always possible to take care of those things for you. Take a few minutes before you leave home and renew it online. You can print the confirmation page proving that you have renewed your membership and show that at registration along with your expired card and that will work for us. Or,  just whip out your smartphone and do it in the parking lot!

What license do I need to do off-site skydives?
You MUST have at least a C license to do most of the off-site skydives, no exceptions. For some, a D license is required. Keep in mind that you must have a least a C license card from the USPA in order to participate in the off-site skydives. ***C license qualified, but without the card, will not allow you to do the off-site jumps.

What can I do at the boogie with an A or B license?
You will be able to jump all day, every day on the dropzone and build your skills while jumping with our world-class organizers! It’s always fun to meet other skydivers from different dropzones, build new skills, and huck some cool stuff out of the Otters!

Is there free camping?
YES! We will have a free camping area designated just south of the airport. We are not allowed to camp on the airport but the skydiver campground is very convenient, about a 5 minute drive away. You will be surrounded on all sides by wide open desert so you are free to be skydivers and run naked and wild! It makes for some interesting memories… !

Can I bring my dog?
Yes and no. We love furry friends and we don’t want to say absolutely no. However, we have to follow city ordinances and your pet must be on a leash at all times. Having your dog on a leash, but not physically holding the leash, doesn’t count! In addition, dogs are NOT allowed in any hangars where there are parachutes or gear. Please be aware that you will not be allowed to leave your dog unattended in the car or tied up at the campground or in the parking lot. Basically, if you bring your pet then you are responsible for keeping it with you or under direct supervision at all times. We have had a lot of issues in the past with irresponsible pet owners so it has led us to be more strict than we would normally be. We hope you understand! If you don’t then just wait until someone else’s dog lifts its leg on your gear, or you land in a pile of poo, then you will. 🙂

Will there be a party?
It’s a boogie… of course there will be a party! We will have a FREE cookout Friday night at the campground for all registered skydivers. Saturday is the night to throw down with our DJ in the Desert party! Fun lights, amazing sounds, bonfires and some other cool party tricks… !

Will rigging services be available?
Yes. We will have a rigger on-site and able to perform basic rigging that may be needed. Please show up with your reserve in date, though! It’s bad form to come to a boogie with a reserve that’s out of date and ask a rigger to pack it overnight for you. Our riggers are usually very busy during the boogie and getting a re-pack during that time will probably not be possible.

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