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You will be freefalling at 120 MPH for over 50 seconds! If you choose to purchase, we have 2 Go Pro cameras, 1 taking a photo every 1 second and the HD Video is turned on just before the door opens to exit the plane. We will capture every moment from climbing out onto the step until you reach the ground. You don’t want to rely on your memory as everything is so surreal that you should and need (in our honest opinion) to have proof of your tandem jump.

What you will see on your way to altitude is everything Moab is famous for… We will fly over and near these areas: Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, Dead Horse State Park, The Green and Colorado Rivers, the beautiful little town of Moab, thousands of hiking, jeeping, atv, mountain biking trails, the 13,000′ La Sal Mountians (which you will be exiting above)…. you get a cool flight plus a skydive over this spectacular place!

Tandem Skydives

First Jump

of a life time

to 13,000 feet

50-55 secs of free fall



Second Jump

on the same day

to 13,000 feet

50-55 secs of free fall


have a Valid



w/proof of ID

to 13,000 feet

50-55 secs of free fall



1 - 3 people

tandem skydive

from 13,000 feet


4 - 7 people 

tandem skydive

from 13,000 feet


8+ people

tandem skydive

from 13,000 feet



We give you 150 – 200+ High Quality Photos and a 5-8 minute HD video of your entire skydiving experience. You can share your photos with your friends on Facebook, Instagram or any other social site you have. You can share your HD Video on You Tube so no matter where you friends and family are, they can see your skydive anywhere in the world they might be.

We really do recommend that you decide to purchase the Photo and HD Video packages to share with your friends and family and relive the moment, over and over again. You will never regret getting the photos or video. Check out the different pricing below



150+ Photos

High Quality

1 gIG usb



5-8 minutes long

edited with music

4 GIG usb



photos & hd video

high quality & hd

4 GIG usb



photos & video


high quality & hd

4 GIG usb





photos & video 


high quality & hd

 8 gIG usb


Experienced Skydivers

1 Jump ticket

single slot

up to 4,000 feet


1 jump ticket

single slot

up to 10,000 feet


gear rental

jump suit & helmet



Learn to Skydive On Your Own!!

We have 3 options for you to choose from:

IAD (Instructor Assisted Deployment)
AFF (Accelerated Free Fall)


Level Pre-pay Price Pay as you go
IAD 1 (FJC and first jump) 3,500 $200 $250
IAD 2 4,000 $100 $115
IAD 3 4,000 $100 $115
IAD 4 4,000 $100 $115
IAD 5 5,000 $100 $115
AFF 6 Freefall and heading $175 $200
AFF 7 Forward movement $175 $200
AFF 8 360°Turns and forward move $175 $200
AFF 9 Flips, rolls, and tracking $175 $200
AFF 10 Flips, tracking, 360°turns $175 $200
11 Self-supervised Work on weaknesses $53 $53
12 Self-supervised Work on weaknesses $53 $53
13 Self-supervised Work on weaknesses $53 $53
14 Self-supervised Work on weaknesses $53 $53
15 Self-supervised Work on weaknesses $53 $53
16 Self-supervised Work on weaknesses $106 $106
17 Self-supervised Work on weaknesses $106 $106
18 Self-supervised Work on weaknesses $53 $53
19 Self-supervised Work on weaknesses $53 $53
20 Self-supervised Work on weaknesses $53 $53
21 Self-supervised Work on weaknesses $53 $53
22 Self-supervised Work on weaknesses $53 $53
23 Self-supervised Work on weaknesses $53 $53
24 Coach Jump Pre-check dive $106 $106
25 A-license Check Dive $175 $200
Total Cost $2,551 $2,811

All prices are subject to change – All AFF jumps include video – All jumps include gear rental & pack job

For more information on everything you see above, please give us a
call on +1-435-259-JUMP (5867) to Book Your Skydive Today!